Body First Chiropractic L.L.C. was created for the sole purpose of uniting a team of individuals who are dedicated to serving the community of Altoona by providing the highest quality of Chiropractic care possible for the transformation of people’s health, from infants to the elderly, naturally and without drugs or surgery.

Our Mission…

To empower our patients, the Altoona area and the world, to create health, happiness and wholeness in their lives by removing interference to the expression of their God-given potential. The tools we hold to accomplish this are specific chiropractic care, on going education about true health, and an impeccable level of commitment.  Body First Chiropractic L.L.C. of Altoona believes that individuals have the inborn ability to heal themselves, and chiropractic helps this happen by removing interference to the nervous system.

Our Purpose…

To educate and adjust as many individuals and families as possible in the Altoona area, bringing them toward a LIFETIME of optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

Our Goal…

To make Altoona and the surrounding areas the healthiest community on the planet through precision chiropractic care.

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Body First Chiropractic
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About Dr. Riddle

Dr. Christopher D. Riddle was raised in Curwensville Pennsylvania, where he graduated from Curwensville Area High School.  Dr. Riddle completed his undergraduate studies from Pennsylvania State University and Scott Community College, and received his Doctorate

of Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer College in 2006. Dr. Riddle gained a great understanding of hometown values and responsibilities by working for the family agricultural business while attending high school and throughout the next several years whenever possible.

He and his wife April were married in August of 2007 and are now residing in the Altoona/Tyrone area and work to serve the community with a better understanding of spinal manipulative care for anything from the common cold to the most severe injury. You can certainly count on the team at Body First Chiropractic L.L.C. to listen, understand and provide the treatment you need in order to feel your best once again.